• Toned down at the top

    24 April, 2017 Most corporate governance experts say setting the right tone at the top is crucial. It helps communicate the organisation’s values,…
  • Embedding risk management

    21 April, 2017 Embedding risk management is a much talked about practice. The business owns the risks and controls. Risk management helps them…
  • Gaining value from internal risk models?

    3 April, 2017 Gaining value from internal risk models? IRM’s Internal Model Industry Forum (IMIF) is  publishing its seventh piece of guidance aimed…

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Enterprise Risk Winter 2016

Africa rising: Risk management in Africa is fast becoming the focus of regulators and organisations

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    Industry Perspectives
  • Rethinking reputational risk

    15 February, 2017

    Corporate crises come thick and fast. And when disaster strikes, it destroys companies, shareholder value and reputations in equal measure.

    As Anthony Fitzsimmons and Derek Atkins argue in their recent book – Rethinking reputational risk – uncertainty is entirely predictable.

  • Corporate defence offer

    20 December, 2016

    While risk managers have been urged to engage at a strategic level in their approach for some time now, it is not always clear how that sits with the traditional view that risk management is a defensive function that exists to preserve value.

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