Cracking down on competition abuse

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) employed a tough new weapon for cracking down on competition abuse. Just before Christmas, it disqualified a director of a company for the first time.

The case involved Daniel Aston, the managing director of an online poster and frame supplier called Trod Limited. CMA said Trod and GB eye Limited agreed not to undercut each other’s prices. They were competitors on Amazon’s UK website.

GB eye secured immunity from fines for reporting the agreement. But CMA fined Trod over £163,000. And it disqualified Aston as a director for five years.

In case businesses didn’t get the message, CMA stated that it’s “absolutely prepared to use this power again,” if necessary.

Competition law is often complex and open to interpretation. That’s why the IRM has teamed up with CMA to produce a concise guide on the issue for risk managers, Competition law risk.

So, download your copy for free here.

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