Hone your political forecasting skills

How good are your political forecasting skills? You can find out by taking part in the Foresight Project from this September.

Now in its second year, the Foresight Project aims to understand forecasting environments that bring out the best in people. They believe good environments can improve accuracy, reduce political polarisation, and open closed minds.  The initiative starts on 25 September and lasts for about 9 months.

Taking part involves working through a 45-minute series of political and psychological tests aimed at predicting participants’ forecasting accuracy. That is followed by a 10-minute forecasting skills training session.

Then, participants need to make predictions on at least 25 questions throughout the year out of a selection of about three questions posted online each week. For example, “Will North Korea attack Guam before 31 December 2017?”

Those taking part will learn forecasting tips based on insights from The Good Judgment Project. They will obtain feedback from the psychological and political tests, which promise to highlight forecasting strengths and weaknesses. The top 10% of forecasters will feature on the Foresight leaderboard.

Sign up at: http://foresightproj.com.


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