New IRM certificate to address emerging digital risks

The IRM is introducing a new Certificate in Digital Risk Management to help risk managers get up to speed with the implications of new digital technologies and possible ways to manage the evolving risks and opportunities they bring.

As discussed by Carolyn Williams, the IRM’s director of corporate relations, in the latest issue of Enterprise Risk Magazine, technologies including the internet of things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics and data analytics are starting to transform the way things are done.

However, research for the IRM’s Risk agenda 2025 report showed that less than 40 per cent of the risk management community feels well equipped to understand such technological changes and support their organisations in this area.

Williams points out that while the world around us may constantly change, the fundamental approach of building resilient organisations with robust processes, a healthy risk culture and strong risk communications will still be the right one. The differences now are a need to move at a faster speed and emerging risks to be assessed.

Skills for tomorrow

The certificate’s course material has been designed to help risk practitioners and other professionals to face the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ of digitalisation, supporting them to manage digital risk at a strategic or operational level.

It will explain how new technologies and digitalisation are disrupting businesses, bringing both risk and opportunity in this brave new world. It will also demonstrate that while the work environment may be changing, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to risk management – existing tools and techniques can be applied and adapted as needed.

This practical side of the training will cover audit and assurance for digital and emerging risks, including how to carry out digital risk assessments, with a detailed grounding in cyber security principles, practices and incident management. Ethical issues including both privacy and machine learning (artificial intelligence) will also be considered.

Book your place

Digital risk management is an important area for all risk professionals who don’t want to get left behind – the world is changing and so are the risks faced by companies as we move forwards together. A combination of great risk management skills together with an up-to-date knowledge of the digital risk landscape should be an unbeatable combination for tomorrow’s risk management jobs.

Enrolment for the online course will open this autumn for 2019. It is open to existing members as part of their continuing professional development and to individuals from other professions looking for an introduction to the subject. Entrants will need to put in around 180 hours of study time over approximately six months and their learning will be tested through a multiple choice question examination. To register your interest visit

The IRM is also interested in identifying potential examiners, question setters and module coaches, drawing on the skills of the risk management community. Contact the IRM for more information.

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