Playing with big data

Organisations that find new ways to help staff play with big data get better results.

That’s according to research by Dr Maggie Zeng from Kent Business School and Professor Keith Glaister from the Warwick Business School.

Their findings suggest data scientists do not always generate better value creation working alone. Firms derived most benefit if they democratised, contextualised, experimented with and used their data creatively.

Key points

Data democratisation – firms derived better insights by allowing more employees to access and interpret data

Data contextualisation – those who gave staff access to other relevant business information to provide context created better understanding of data results

Data experimentation – experimenting with data on a ‘trial and error’ basis was better than sticking to rigid data analysis structures

Data insight execution – managers must create a culture where insights derived from big data analysis can quickly be used to ensure the potential benefits the insights offer are realised.

Read “Value creation from big data: Looking inside the black box,” first published in Strategic Organisation.

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