• Sharing the risk of cyber threat

    16 May, 2018 The leading cyber threats to UK businesses last year were ransomware attacks, data breaches, supply chain threats and fake news…
  • Departure platform

    15 May, 2018 Network Rail is spending £40bn in the five years to 2019 on an ambitious plan to upgrade the UK’s rail…
  • Hot topics in infrastructure

    10 May, 2018 Discussions at an IRM infrastructure special interest group meeting have highlighted hot topics for the sector, including embedding risk management…

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Enterprise Risk Spring 2018

The power of simplicity: Dr Sarah Gordon of the IRM’s Innovation SIG on keeping it simple

PLUS: All together: top threats in 2018 / Programming for intelligence: using AI / Thrill-based risk management: lessons from Smiler / Experiential training: a lost art / Effective alliances: Waterloo Station

    Industry Perspectives
  • Five simple steps to lowering spreadsheet and EUC risks

    8 March, 2018

    Spreadsheets and other end-user controlled applications (EUCs) are core elements in most companies’ financial reporting and operational processes. What is alarming is that one inadvertent error in these critical files can have material consequences.

  • Facilitating effective crisis leadership

    5 January, 2018

    The highly disruptive world in which we live means that the need for organisations to be able to respond quickly and effectively to rapidly emerging risks or sudden crises has never been greater.

  • Developing a mature risk strategy

    21 July, 2017

    Risk strategy drives an organisation’s ability to respond effectively to today’s dynamic world. But not all risk strategies are at the same level of maturity.

  • Rethinking reputational risk

    15 February, 2017

    Corporate crises come thick and fast. And when disaster strikes, it destroys companies, shareholder value and reputations in equal measure.

    As Anthony Fitzsimmons and Derek Atkins argue in their recent book – Rethinking reputational risk – uncertainty is entirely predictable.

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