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Enterprise Risk Autumn 2018

It’s not about the manual: Paul Mather on risk management at shell

Spreading the word: Meet the new APAC IRM Regional Group / Everybody gets to play: Partner with others which defining the benefits of diverse organisations / State-sponsored mayhem: Exploring the impact of governmantal investments in cyber initiatives / Reframing risk: What does COSO ERM mean to the professional?

    Industry Perspectives
  • Thinking the unthinkable – how leaders manage catastrophic risk

    4 July, 2018

    More and more firms are now putting low probability catastrophic risks higher on their agenda. According to the authors of a recently published book, the reason for this is simple: these events are happening more often.

  • Five simple steps to lowering spreadsheet and EUC risks

    8 March, 2018

    Spreadsheets and other end-user controlled applications (EUCs) are core elements in most companies’ financial reporting and operational processes. What is alarming is that one inadvertent error in these critical files can have material consequences.

  • Facilitating effective crisis leadership

    5 January, 2018

    The highly disruptive world in which we live means that the need for organisations to be able to respond quickly and effectively to rapidly emerging risks or sudden crises has never been greater.

  • Developing a mature risk strategy

    21 July, 2017

    Risk strategy drives an organisation’s ability to respond effectively to today’s dynamic world. But not all risk strategies are at the same level of maturity.

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