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Enterprise Risk Autumn 2017

Adapting to change: Science and risk management have a lot in common, says NEST’s chief risk officer Dan Davis

PLUS: Grasping the nettle: public sector challenges / Working in harmony: getting in sync with NEDs / Lessons from
Solvency II:
thoughts from the regulator / Extreme events: a behavioural risk audit could help

    Industry Perspectives
  • Developing a mature risk strategy

    21 July, 2017

    Risk strategy drives an organisation’s ability to respond effectively to today’s dynamic world. But not all risk strategies are at the same level of maturity.

  • Rethinking reputational risk

    15 February, 2017

    Corporate crises come thick and fast. And when disaster strikes, it destroys companies, shareholder value and reputations in equal measure.

    As Anthony Fitzsimmons and Derek Atkins argue in their recent book – Rethinking reputational risk – uncertainty is entirely predictable.

  • Corporate defence offer

    20 December, 2016

    While risk managers have been urged to engage at a strategic level in their approach for some time now, it is not always clear how that sits with the traditional view that risk management is a defensive function that exists to preserve value.

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