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Enterprise Risk Summer 2019

Creating the right vibe: John Scott, head of security education at the Bank of England

North American focus –
Stepping across the pond: IRM’s state-side initiatives
Down to earth: lessons from NASA
Navigating chaos: holistic risk management

Spotlight on slavery: UK laws updated
Faster business cycles: agile

    Industry Perspectives
  • Solving cyber risk

    1 March, 2019

    One of the greatest risks of failing to address cyber threat is that people will turn away from the very technologies that could produce rapid productivity gains over the next few years,

  • Mitigating privacy risks in the Internet of Things

    30 November, 2018

    As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes increasingly ubiquitous, organisations from all industries are beginning to explore ways to develop and utilise their own IoT network or service offering.

  • Webinar: mitigating the risks of sanctions compliance

    23 November, 2018

    Non-compliance with trade sanctions increasingly attracts severe penalties for organisations, according to a recent IRM and Lexis Nexis webinar. While the effectiveness of sanctions themselves has been debated in some quarters,

  • Thinking the unthinkable – how leaders manage catastrophic risk

    4 July, 2018

    More and more firms are now putting low probability catastrophic risks higher on their agenda. According to the authors of a recently published book, the reason for this is simple: these events are happening more often.

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