Corporate crises come thick and fast. And when disaster strikes, it destroys companies, shareholder value and reputations in equal measure.

As Anthony Fitzsimmons and Derek Atkins argue in their recent book – Rethinking reputational risk – uncertainty is entirely predictable. But our ways of dealing with crises – and the stories we tell ourselves after an event – mean we fail to learn vital lessons.

After walking the reader through the risks that can lead to failure, the authors offer a series of insightful case studies. There is a wealth of information here, especially in the take-home points they offer at the end of each chapter.

While the authors have emphasised reputation, the book’s scope is wide. It uses reputation to explore how and why people fail and why systems, such as the three lines of defence for example, are flawed.

This is not a book to be rushed. Risk managers should carefully triangulate between the front section of the book, the case studies, and their own experiences and practices.

While crises can’t be prevented, risk managers can be prepared.

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