Cybersecurity, BREXIT, geopolitics and financial market fluctuations are among chief concerns for businesses voiced by some of the UK’s leading risk experts as they look ahead to 2019.

At the start of the year, senior members of IRM were asked to identify key risk areas for businesses for the year ahead. A broad range of financial, political and healthcare risks were highlighted. Many of these align with risks identified in The Global Risks Report 2019 (to be released on the 16thJanuary) by the World Economic Forum.

Further areas of risk concern identified by IRM risk experts were the as yet unknown effects of Brexit in the UK and the impact of technology enabled disruptive business models.

“The impact of current macro trends and risks, such as cybersecurity, AI and Brexit in the UK will continue to put pressure on, and potentially change, entire business sectors,” says IRM Chairman Socrates Coudounaris.

“Leaders who think critically about the future, anticipate disruption to their sectors, while building resilience and agility in their models, will be in a better position to tackle a challenging risk environment in 2019 and thrive.”

“This year the IRM will place significant emphasis on supporting businesses and risk professionals in understanding, managing game-changing risks such as cyber; for example  our new Digital Risk Management Certificate (developed with support from Warwick University).

Through the IRM’s qualifications, training and thought leadership -including the launch of the Cambridge Judge Business School and IRM research report: Perspectives of Global Corporationswhich highlights the top global risk management concerns over the next 12 months – we will encourage leaders to think tactically and strategically about change and to question whether and how a threat can be turned into an opportunity. Risk professionals will be key strategic advisers in this journey.”

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