Insuring a sustainable, greener future – LLoyd’s White Paper

Climate change is the largest, most challenging crisis the world has faced, bringing increasing risk and uncertainty for society, and for the future of our planet. With growing risks that threaten the livelihoods and futures of individuals, communities and Read more

Social distancing – the communications and compliance challenge

The world is currently joined in a wave of lockdown measures to limit the general public’s freedom of movement: the most severe method to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. One of the core WHO messages during the COVID-19 global Read more

Risk, Science and Decision Making: How should risk leaders of the future work with Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Findings from a CRO roundtable from the Institute of Risk Management (IRM)

Developments in technology continue to disrupt industries and organisations globally, presenting both opportunities and risks. Preparing the risk community for this challenge through education, training, research and Read more

Alternative investments: Transforming from ‘Too Risky’ to a ‘Safe Haven’ in Uncertain Times

By Michael Ferendinos – Owner of The Risk Tower

High-net worth individuals are becoming increasingly concerned about the possible failure and collapse of the global political, financial, economic and monetary systems. To hedge against uncertainty ? such as Europe’s Read more

Digital risk management and resiliency – part two

By Stefano Capodagli

The increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in risk management shifts the focus towards analytics and minimising losses in a proactive manner. Today, firms are developing risk platforms by scouring the internet for all-encompassing information about Read more

Digital risk management and resiliency – part one

By Stefano Capodagli

Risk management, besides continuing to be a trusted advisor to the board and senior management, to manage risk appetites, and develop risk frameworks and policies, is increasingly called on to swiftly evolve. Digital risk management appears Read more

Digitalisation: The 4th industrial revolution for risk management

Cyber-attacks and data breach are amongst the top threats facing any business – the news is constantly highlighting global organisations (including well known trusted household names) that have suffered attacks at the hands of cyber criminals. Not only does Read more

Artificial intelligence and the transformation of risk management

Artificial intelligence promises to transform the risk profession for both good and bad, as delegates at an IRM Innovation special interest group (SIG) workshop in London heard recently. The session, hosted by Lexis Nexis, explored how risk managers are Read more