EU bans unacceptable AI

The European Union has launched a regulatory regime for artificial intelligence that bans systems that are likely to pose and unacceptable risk to society.

The move creates the first ever legal framework for AI and it has published separate Read more

Risky algorithms

As algorithms become more sophisticated, the risk of spreading hidden bias in organisational decision-making is increasing, according to a recent paper contained in the Canadian Institute of Actuaries’ newsletter Enterprise risk management 2019: the new wave of risks.

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Artificial intelligence and the transformation of risk management

Artificial intelligence promises to transform the risk profession for both good and bad, as delegates at an IRM Innovation special interest group (SIG) workshop in London heard recently. The session, hosted by Lexis Nexis, explored how risk managers are Read more

Artificial intelligence – friend or foe for risk managers?

In the IRM’s Risk agenda 2025 survey, there were two seemingly incompatible findings – that the number of risk managers is expected to go up, but also that the increased use of artificial intelligence (AI) is likely to threaten Read more

Artificial intelligence and risk management

Artificial intelligence is going to be “a redefining event” and there needs to be a debate about its consequences on risk managers, regulation and society at large, according to a gathering over over 150 people at a recent IRM/Imperial Read more