Cyberattack preparations may not be robust enough

Cyberattack preparations may not be robust enough to withstand real attacks at many organisations, according to a recent report.

The analyst IDC said that 85 per cent of organisations have playbooks for cyber intrusion detection, prevention and response. Read more

Businesses fail to protect against ransomware attacks

Many businesses fail to protect themselves against ransomware attacks, according to a recent survey by SpyCloud.

Ransomware attacks hit 72 per cent of respondents during the past 12 months. But 13 per cent said they had been attacked Read more

Cyber ransom seen as top IT threat

Cyber ransom is now seen as the top threat to IT systems, according to a recent survey by Advisen among cyber insurance buyers.

“Holding your network hostage for extortion” was voted the top risk. That was followed by Read more

Don’t respond to ransomware demands – protect against them instead

Companies paying up when hit with a ransomware demand don’t always see an immediate end to their troubles, according to this year’s global ransomware report 2018 from endpoint security specialists SentinelOne.

The report covers a survey of decision makers Read more