Low unemployment leaves fewer options for businesses

With the UK unemployment rate at its lowest level since the 1970s, employers are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit the right people. Just four per cent of the population is currently jobless, resulting in a growth in wages Read more

Pay ratio reporting set to be a risky business

Legislation looks set to come into force in 2020 which will compel the UK’s largest companies to publish and justify the pay ratios between their CEOs and workers. Its introduction was first announced by business secretary Greg Clark in Read more

Mind the gender pay gap

The issue of a UK gender pay gap has been under the microscope recently, with reporting from the public sector due by March 30, and private sector companies with more than 250 employees required to report their gender pay Read more

The risk of executive reward

Executive pay has been in the headlines over recent months because of the growing disparity in remuneration between those on the shop floor and those at the top of the company. While public scrutiny seems to have done little Read more