Outstanding risk management means continuously unlearning, learning, and relearning

Stephen Sidebottom, Chair, IRM

The only way to stay relevant is to keep on unlearning, learning, and relearning. The pandemic continues to shape our lives, the climate emergency is upon us, war in Europe threatens energy security, and inflation Read more

Whitepaper: Overhaul Your Security and Compliance with Integrated Risk Management

True data protection integrates cybersecurity, privacy, training and the human factor on one unified IRM platform for a holistic view to combat risk.Across today’s security landscape, organizations face constant threats. Multiplying exponentially, these risks carry the potential for catastrophic Read more

Whitepaper: ESG – Strategic Approaches to Thrive in the New Era of Risk & Compliance Management

This primer on operationalizing Environmental, Safety and Governance (ESG) goals explores the evolution of risk and compliance management, articulates the key role of ethics and compliance learning, and highlights the transformative power of platforms that connect risk management data Read more

Whitepaper: 3 Innovative Ways to Add Value through Operational Risk Management

Operational Risk continues to be a topic of interest across industries. Uncertainties abound. Cyber risks are pervasive as ever and political change brings new complexities to compliance activities.

As organizations face continuing cycles of disruptions, operational management leaders are Read more

IRM issues guidance for charities on embedding emerging risk management

The political, economic, sociological, technological, legal and environmental (PESTLE) context in which we live and do business is fast-moving. This creates an ever-changing risk environment for organisations, with a fluid set of emerging risks and opportunities. It is therefore Read more

Institute of Risk Management (IRM) publishes Climate Change Risk Management Framework & Guidance one month ahead of COP26

This is the first time the IRM has published a guidance report focused solely on climate change for risk managers. This marks an important formal recognition of the importance of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues to global business Read more

Pandemic is risk to climate change action, says World Economic Forum

Having warned of the risk of a global “lethal flu” back in 2006, this year’s Global risks report 2021 focuses on the further risks and consequences of today’s pandemic. In particular, the report’s authors – World Economic Forum – Read more

Widespread disagreement over cryptocurrency risk

There is widespread disagreement over cryptocurrency risk. Those working in the cryptocurrency industry are much more upbeat about the opportunities such innovations as Bitcoin represent than governments and financial institutions, says a recent survey.

While criminals use cryptocurrency, Read more