Cost-of-living crisis tops global risk report

The cost-of-living crisis has topped the World Economic Forum’s 2023 report – up from second place in 2023.

It was cited as the number one risk over the next two years followed by natural disasters and geoeconomic confrontation. Geopolitcal Read more

The metaverse fails to impress

The metaverse promises to herald a new age of virtual connectivity, yet Brits remain unimpressed, according to a global survey.

While 37 per cent of respondents say they would take part in the virtual ecosystem, fewer than one Read more

Remote working helps engage staff

Remote working helps engage staff in their tasks as a new study on meeting shows, according to the Harvard Business Review.

Managers have consistently worried that remote working is not a true replacement for in-office work. Despite the Read more

Geopolitics and ransomware attacks top cyberrisk concerns

Geopolitics and ransomware attacks lead the list of cyberrisk concerns for global businesses, according to Allianz. In addition, businesses say they are worried about government-backed attacks against companies, infrastructure and supply chains because of the war in Ukraine Read more

Book Review: Taming the Risk Hurricane

Taming The Risk Hurricane: Preparing For Major Business DisruptionBy Dr David Hillson CFIRM, The Risk DoctorPublished September 2022 by Berrett-Koehler, Oakland, CA, USAAvailable in paperback/pdf/eBook/ePubISBN: 978-1-523000-500GBP £25 / USD $29.95

Calling all business leaders hoping Read more

Outstanding risk management means continuously unlearning, learning, and relearning

Stephen Sidebottom, Chair, IRM

The only way to stay relevant is to keep on unlearning, learning, and relearning. The pandemic continues to shape our lives, the climate emergency is upon us, war in Europe threatens energy security, and inflation Read more

Whitepaper: Overhaul Your Security and Compliance with Integrated Risk Management

True data protection integrates cybersecurity, privacy, training and the human factor on one unified IRM platform for a holistic view to combat risk. Across today’s security landscape, organizations face constant threats. Multiplying exponentially, these risks carry the potential for Read more

Whitepaper: ESG – Strategic Approaches to Thrive in the New Era of Risk & Compliance Management

This primer on operationalizing Environmental, Safety and Governance (ESG) goals explores the evolution of risk and compliance management, articulates the key role of ethics and compliance learning, and highlights the transformative power of platforms that connect risk management data Read more