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In the thick of it:

Clive Martin, the first-ever head of the government risk profession, is building a more co-ordinated approach to tackling the country’s biggest threats

Time for action: businesses get to grips with climate
change | Setting the scene for success: scenario planning explained | Money revolutions: adopting crypto and digital assets | Continual improvement: IRM's revamped International Certificate in Risk Management

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Do fines work?

Over the past few years, fines doled out to companies by regulators have rocketed. Banks, energy companies and others have received record-breaking…

Strategic innovation

Innovators are not necessarily well-known for their patience with risk managers. Creating something new and worrying about risk at the same time …

Editor’s welcome

Hello, and welcome to the new site for Enterprise Risk Magazine. After relaunching the publication earlier this year, we couldn’t resist taking our…