Risk management for a new era

Mykhailo Rushkovskyi on why risk professionals need to help businesses adapt to the new reality in an age of decentralisation

The deep learning revolution : latest AI tools explained / Through a glass darkly: blinded by standards and best practice / The road ahead: IRM’s global threat predictions for 2023 / Taking control of operational risk: big catastrophes provide much-needed insight

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The risk of executive reward

Executive pay has been in the headlines over recent months because of the growing disparity in remuneration between those on the shop floor and …

IRM’s top risks for 2017

Political risk, cybersecurity, bribery and oil price and financial market fluctuations are among chief concerns for businesses voiced by some of the…

Do fines work?

Over the past few years, fines doled out to companies by regulators have rocketed. Banks, energy companies and others have received record-breaking…

Strategic innovation

Innovators are not necessarily well-known for their patience with risk managers. Creating something new and worrying about risk at the same time …

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